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Owned by Diamond H Ranch 

Paul and Heather Weir 


This is an exceptional minded young stallion we purchased fall of 2020. Originally, we had planned to hold him over another year before turning him out with mares. Drifter was turned out in July as a “clean up stallion” He was out for 2.5 weeks. As the fall work on the Ranch unravelled, we soon realised the potential of Drifter foals come spring was nothing short of a blessing. Good Lord willing! 


This young stallion proved himself over and over again.  We covered many miles hunting cows, thunderstorms, fresh snow, blinding fog, Pitch dark, rivers, wildlife, bee stings, angry calves, ponying mares, packing young children, sorting cows, babysitting higher-strung broke horses, opening closing gates, loping circles, hauling with other horses, miles alone and split from the rest on gathers. He has just been solid! He has been to many branding's with many more to come.  He takes everything in stride. Mrs. Henderson is the first to say he was just one of the “born broke” ones.


Normally we stay with more cows bred stallions. This one is different; over the last few years we have raised some exceptional fillies by Hawk ( Paddy’s Irish Whiskey son) and our now reference stallion CD (Play Mia CD son) These fillies are exception, and we are confident “Drifter” will add some size and substance to them. While doing so share his super sweet disposition.


It is said that a “drop of DRIFTWOOD” is all a horses needs. I whole heartedly believe this.

Drifter is also a grandson to the legendary SUN FROST 

click on Driftwood and Sun Frost for more information


We are very excited to see how this young man matures and grows, we hope to make him outstanding producer!

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