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Henderson Ranch specializes in tradition Simmental cattle (purebred and commercial) and registered American Quarter Horses. We are tucked along the Kiskatnaw River, nestled in the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains. Located south west of Dawson Creek BC.  Joyce’s grandparents Eric and Mary Lundquist homesteaded 160 acres near here in 1930. Joyce’s parents Bob and Shirley Fell, also homesteaded a quarter in 1951, and developed Brassy Creek Ranch, which is still part of the Ranch today. Joyce’s husband Ted joined the Ranch in 1982, unfortunately lost it not long after. They were able to rent it back and by the grace of God and determination, were slowly able to purchase it back and grown it, to what its become today.


Today after 40 years the Henderson Ranch is home to over 300 hd of top quality cattle, as well as 40 head of functionally beautiful Quarter Horses.


All though we all work together, we are spilt into three divisions.


Ted & Joyce Henderson 

Four Aces Simmental & Bar JO Quarter horses


Deanna & Tylee Henderson (daughter and granddaughter)

Brassy Creek Quarter Horses and cattle

For more info please seen the brassy page on FB.


Deep family roots and years of experience, have blessed us with the Livestock we have today. In the beginning years we used the motto "Keep the best, sell the rest" Now years later... we truly only offer the best.  We are confident in our breeding programs, both cattle and horse. Our goal is to breed for a product that not only sells its self, and is capable of proving our motto worked.

We are a proud family run operation with the 4th generation growing strong


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